Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Someone broke my bottle of sambal chilli this morning. I heard some commotion then but never did I imagine that my sambal chilli would be the casualty. Its becoming a pattern though. The first time, my mom brought me the chilli, my dad broke it. Now its one of my flatmates. Well, I scooped up the chilli and placed it in a tuberware, was carefuly to make sure no glass shards were left in it. In the process of doing so, I cut myself on the thumb. A small prick of pain. And blood starting flowing, it was quite a deep cut. I stared at it for a while, watching the blood well up from under the skin,flowing out rapidly till it formed a drop, perfect in its symmetry. When I moved, it burst and the blood swirled around my thumb before dripping down onto the ground. There's blood spots on my kitchen now. One thing about my kitchen is, we never ever bother to clean it, so the things we drop on the ground, they remain unless they are dangerous. So, yes there is blood on the ground. Tried to staunch the flow of blood with tissue. I didn't have any plaster around but it just didn't stop. Was wondering whether I had leukemia or whether the cut was just deep. Had blood on my bread when I ate, blood on my table, blood on my laptop. My room was beginning to look like a crime scene. Was tempted to pick up a piece of the glass and stored it for blood letting purposes. Had to forced myself out of the room. Walked to school, with a bloody thumb. It still didn't stop. Started speculating as to whether the glass fragments entered my bloodstream and it was heading, inevitably, to my heart. I walked, walked and walked.

Well, the blood eventually stopped. I realised, I forgot to exert pressure on the wound. Thats why.


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