Tuesday, May 25, 2004

I realised that I really really like chilli powder. And I have a bottle of it now in my kitchen cabinet which is full of sauces, herbs and spices. I know people think I am insane when they see the amount of chilli i put into my food. Just today, I cooked my "I cannot be bothered to follow any recipe dish" which is basically chicken marinated with oyster sauce, salt, pepper, soy sauce, sesame oil, cornflour and lots of chilli powder, stir fried with peppers, mushrooms and depending on which Lee Kum Kee sauce I have in the fridge. Currently, its just black bean sauce and chilli garlic. I guess its probably a Singaporean thing to have so much chilli. There are people worse than me. A comes to mind. He practically empties pots of chilli when he eats.

Today was domestic. Did my groceries, a lot of buy one get free stuff, apples, chicken legs, yoghurt, sausages Bought chinese wine, I realised I finished an entire bottle of Chinese wine in just two months. To a great extent, my dishes require it. And more instant noodles as well! Nissin brand. I realised the flavours they have in the UK, is surprisingly much more than Singapore, Singapore its just the basic chicken or original flavour, here I can get Miso flavour, Curry flavour, Pork bone soup, Chilli Seafood.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

in melbourne too..more exciting flavours
-elaine :)

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