Saturday, April 10, 2004

Two weeks ago, my friend, a childhood friend, an old neighbour, my best friend in the popular definition of the phrase, smsed me, he told me he was getting married and that he wanted me to be his best man. So, yes, I am to be a best man, first time in my whole entire life, I am to be a best man. This is also the first wedding that I would be attending not for the sake of the parents, or relatives but for myself. He is the first good friend to get married. None of my close friends are anywhere near to marriage, two are single, two have steady girlfriends but that was very recent, one has an interesting dilemma which is still far from complete resolution. On the female side, i suspect that the criteria of being my close friend and female at the same time, is that they have to be single, or we tend to drift apart once their lives are dominated by the male. I don't blame them, of course, no right to, its how life is. That said, my close female friends are nowhere near the marital status.

What does a best man do anyway? I have to ask Porkfloss, he's the only one I know who has extensive experience at being a best man.


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