Friday, April 09, 2004

Talking to M gave me a headache. Not too sure whether its because I am talking to M or because I am using the handphone. Its like not knowing whether I am worse off because of M or whether its because of myself. Such is the wonderful world of causal links. I wish I could apply the "but for" test here, for non law people, yes you ignorant bunch, its but for the actions of X would Y have happened. Actually, there's probably more to it. I really need to revise my tort law, haven't touched it since first year, and I might have to teach it next academic year. Sighs, need to buy a textbook. But yes M, i don't know, would I be better off if i haven't met M, haven't met C haven't met J, haven't met L, haven't met B, actually the list goes on. I guess its ultimately an academic question.

I wish i can find someone whom I can say, i am better off because i met him/her and by that I mean happiness.


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