Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Feeling really fucked up. Why? I don't know, things are going well, academically, work is okie, panel review over without a glitch, supervisor meeting, fine, offered me a research assistant post with him, the thesis chapter, i think i know how I am going to write the current chapter. Feeling crappy because, sighs, because, I am not getting any interviews for the tutorship positions. Wondering whether its because I messed up the cover letter, or simply because of my race. ugh, i know everyone will be saying, be contented with what you have, blah blah, its just a minor setback, but, rationality has its limits, i just feel fucked up because of it and there's no explanation for it. Its just how it is and anyone giving me that kind of advice, can stuff a tree up his/her ass.


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