Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Finished my supervisor meeting for the month. It wasn't too bad, especially when I think I know where my thesis is heading, at least in a general sense. Talked about cases and judges speaking extra-judicially. I am not too sure, whether I am being overly confident or even presumptious to say this but I think I can communicate with my supervisor on an academic level. Sadly, I dont know whether he thinks I am good enough to be an academic and its not a question you put forth to people. Its not something, he will tell me, "oh I think you make a good academic."

Funny thing happened though, apparently, the school of law misplaced my personal file, with the details on my meeting minutes, my writeup so far and the general research structure. The secretary is going to email me to get me to give them my copies.

Sent out cover letter and CV to the various halls. Hope I can get a tutorship somewhere, I don't really care where, so long as its on this campus. I believe a good social environment, with me in some position of authority, interaction with humans would do me good so long as I have a balance between my own private space and my thirst for company. Fingers crossed.

Not in the mood to work today, had to wake up early, and when that happens, my routine is basically screwed up. I am a sucker for routine. If I don't start the day properly, i don't feel like continuing with the day. So I am at home now, blogging, going to do groceries and laundry today. Domesticity, is soothing. Going to take the day off. Work hard for three days and go to London this weekend with JJ.

I think I help people not because I want to help them but because I like to talk to them.


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