Friday, May 14, 2004

Went out to watch Van Helsing. Its a comedy. So absolutely hilarious, the cliched moments, the 1 hr and 43 minutes build up to that one kiss, the sickly sweet dialogue between Van Helsing and Anna, the half attempts at being philosophical and post modernist "self awareness" and of course, Dracula's babies??? Harlow?? The Mummy and the Mummy Returns was so much better, the quick witty dialogue, the repartee between the characters, this is like watching Mutant X instead of Buffy. I was sniggering for most of the movie. And what's the difference between VH and Wolverine, they have big claws, they have amnesia, they have a passing relationship with wolves, they are Hugh Jackson, don't need to be much of an actor to play that role. Of course, its possible to take the movie in a completely different direction. Apparently, Van Helsing is called Gabriel and he is the Left Hand of God. Doesn't that make him an angel? Will be interesting to explore this plot idea of Gabriel on Earth whose purpose is to weed out evil. Even more so, to be an angel who rebels against God like what Michael did in Lucifer, the graphic novel. But with Hollywood, directing the movie, dream on. Thats why I prefer reading Sandman and Lucifer, I prefer watching Japanese Anime, especially when the Japs have a version of Helsing. Thats my next anime buy.

Was really happy this morning when I woke up. Lakers beat Spurs, game 5 on a Fisher buzzer beater! I hate boring defensive teams.


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