Thursday, April 22, 2004

Yesterday, after three consecutive days of reading tort choice of law literature, my brain decided to bail on my intentions, at approximately 6pm. Going to the library, thinking that I shouldn't waste any time, I should photocopy the rest of the articles i needed for my piece, I found the books, went to the photocopier, only to find that the bloody card reader couldn't read my card. Fine, lets go home. In the process of going home, M called, and of course the routine fight ensued. For the first time in my life, I have conclusive proof that fighting verbally, drains your energies. At the end of the fight, after a day's work in the office with nothing more than a sandwich and a muffin in my stomach, i couldn't feel my fingers at all, i raised up my arm, i could see my fingers twiddling, but i just couldn't feel them at all, they look pathetic, as if they were fish out of water, they were moving feebly. Solution was simple of course, instant noodles instead of the full chinese meal I normally have, with the speed it provides. I realised with the diet I am having, my energy cannot be wasted at all, i can't do anymore more besides reading, thinking about my article and thesis, photocopying and nothing more. Anything beyond that, my food consumption would be insufficient to support my activities.


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