Thursday, April 22, 2004

Went to see my supervisor. He said my work is fine. Some points of substance, he wanted to discuss with me, but generally it was fine, its nice to make a point that a professor of his calibre would stop and think about it before concluding that he agreed with me. Its definitely a good ego boost. Generally, aside from some amendments I have to make, I have completed my first chapter and the 30000 words that come with it. I am assuming that my thesis will definitely exceed the word limit. Anyway, its on to the next chapter now. Asked him about whether I could continue teaching next academic year and he said he has no problems with that, he even said I could teach his tutorials, subject to approval from the Head of School so thats definitely encouraging. Strangely, I don't know, are my standards too high for myself when I write, I don't really like my first chapter, I have this burning urge to rewrite some parts of it. But my supervisor seems ok with what I have been doing but I can't help feeling this itch. Oh well, I will probably do it but as I am busy for this month, i will just let it hang for a while, after all this promises to be a busy three weeks. I have my own Singapore article that I wish to write, an article I am collaborating with F on piak piak! I want to call it, "Piak piak: a sound unsuited to vandalism" but I don't think F will let me do that and of course I have my thesis work to bear in mind. P's back from Singapore which means my weekends won't be that empty after all. There's Fraiser season 2 and West Wing season 3 to watch. And there's always Uncle C's ten PS2 games.

I have a hierarchy of distractions:

1. Work
2. PS2
3. Cooking
4. DVDs
5. Reading
6. Alcohol (to be introduced)
7. Cut.

I am trying to increase the distance between 1. and 7. The danger is of course, it doesnt necessarily go from 1. to 2. to 3. and so on. Sometimes, it jumps. The worst case scenario, from 1. to 7. directly.


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