Monday, April 19, 2004

Today, the Easter break was officially over. Not that I noticed it, at first, I saw it only when I observed that the number of people; students that is, with their faded denim and brightly coloured garb, walking to school today has dramatically increased, I am reminded of rabbits, and how we used to say that the M fuck like rabbits. They were everywhere, the road from Beeston into the university grounds, the long winding path to the Law faculty, they were there, with their shrill happy voices, screaming out hellos and what's up man, to the people they know. Conversations involving, someone's gym regime, someone sweet talking to her partner on the handphone, the sun, the odd hail on friday, their holidays, whether they did any work, snatches of words, verbal words, floating in the air, I could hear while I made my way to my office. I could feel the words, at times, a mixed solidification permeating the spring air, heavy, booming strongly against my sides, an invisible sledgehammer, and at the same time, light, a small gust, flowing dreamily with spider webs, drifting amidst it. They spun around the line of beings trudging up the road to school, tiny air devils, dancing maniacally around, in a celebration of themselves, the spoken word. It was the world of the verbal, a marked contrast from my world of the written. I walked on by, a ghost to the world around me.


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