Thursday, April 15, 2004

Spent another long day in the office. I realised if I spaced out my food consumption, ie a small bite every two or three hours, I don't need that much food for the day and I can work for a longer duration in the office itself, not to mention lower my calories intake for the day. I believed I have involuntarily trained myself to feel nauseous whenever I consume white bread, white rice, and oily foods. No wonder L calls me anorexic.

It was tiring at work today, I finally completed my first chapter, all 44 pages, 30000 words, and I spent the whole entire day rereading it, and redrafting and strengthening the substance of my chapter in relation to the main ideas i was trying to bring forth. You can imagine how tedious and how boring it is, reading and rereading stuff that you have been writing for the last six months or so. Oh well, can't wait to move on to the more thought-provoking stuff. As my supervisor said, what I am doing now is just the build up, there are interesting ideas in the structural and historical perspective I have undertaken but still, it is just observational research. Six months, I have spent on the comparisons of the laws. Its almost time to go into the reasons for the laws, thats where the meat is. I can't wait to go on to theory and attempt to formulate one for my thesis. Two and a half years to my doctorate!

My Oxford certificate arrived today! Pretty fast, I should say, I sent out an email two days ago and it arrived first class mail, and the textbook I ordered from Amazon, Intellectual Property and Private International Law, one whole fucking week and its still not here, even though they said it would just be two days. I was staring at the cert in the office, and i was smiling stupidly at it for quite some time, it does look impressive, it does give me an ego boost reading that word "distinction." Self help books talk about giving yourself a hug everyday, for me, its staring at the word "distinction" once everyday.

Will be going to Oxford this weekend, I realised I actually prefer Oxford to Nottingham now, living in Oxford is so much more convenient with the city centre so close by, its so easy to just hop into a cafe and read. Nottingham, I have to take a bus, and a bus trip just seems daunting to me with my lethargy. And there's Borders! Borders is infintely better than Waterstones. They have graphic novels, i so need to get up to date with my comics collection. Once I have confirmed that buying graphic novels in singapore is more expensive than in the UK, its time for a shopping spree! Trying to make a regular return to Oxford every month if I can, meet up with friends, basketball mates as well as dim sum.


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