Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Nicholl Highway has collapsed. Are things unimportant now to me? Does nothing matter to me in the light of this? Strangely, I couldn't care less. Strangely? Perhaps it should be predictably. I have watched the 9 11 incident on television with people jumping off the twin towers, to escape their deaths by fire for a death by impact. I watched it emotionlessly, with F, I must say. I have watched the bali bombings, the madrid bombings on TV and still, nothing registered on my emotions scale. I went on with my life, these occurrences interesting but unaffecting of my life in any way. Perhaps, I need to be there, in the ensuing chaos, I need to be hurt, seriously injured or near death, to feel the anguish, of such destruction. Perhaps and I touched wood, and I would advise all to do so, when you read this, I need to lose someone from an incident like this to feel something about it. Perhaps. but for now, its nothing but words, on an internet report, and if I see it on TV, a scene in a box. Things are still as important. Things important to me still matter to me in the same way, nothing more nothing less, there is no change at all.


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