Saturday, April 17, 2004

I've finished Cosmopolis, first book, I have read in one and a half years I think. Went shopping for another book for the weekends. Was contemplating getting the Body Artist but I realised that I should store another Don DeLillo book for a rainy day when I run out of writers to read. Besides, I have this problem with styles, the more I read of a particular writer, the less patience I have in completing more of his books. Raymond carver appears to be the exception. (ELAINE MY CARVER!!!!! UGH UGH UGH UGH HOW COULD YOU SELL THEM TO THE KANUNG GUNI MAN! ITS SO INSULTING) Toni Morrison, Milan Kundera and even Jostein Heller are casualties of that mindset. I do like Don DeLillo's style so I want to make sure that I am not bored by his works that quickly. Narrowed down my choices to two, Kazuo Ishiguro, remains of the day and artist of the floating world, bound up into a single volume or Joyce Carol Oates which i eventually bought, Black Water. Its nice and short, so I hope to be sufficiently gripped by the story. Kazuo Ishiguro, I don't know why I am fascinated by him, but I just can't stop reading Remains of the Day, I have read it three times now, and its a book that I can keep going back to, I have no idea why. That said, I was traumatised (yes I can be traumatised) by When we were Orphans when he revealed what happened to the mother. So when I reached out to get the Ishiguro book, I was stricken by momentary disgust when i remembered. Black Water became my choice then.


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