Friday, April 16, 2004

I went onto the ST webpage today and stared at the front page today. Saw two divers exchanging marriage vows underwater. First reaction, inter-racial marriage, male's' an ang moh, female's a chinese, second reaction, age differences, ang moh is 22, female is 26. Started wondering why the hell would anyone want to do it in water, refreshing take on marriage? Relevancy to the interests of the two couples? Or the cynic in me would say, media coverage. I am more inclined towards the latter with the Marbeck - Beckham incident hogging the media limelight. That said, had an interesting session with K, he's my flatmate from my undergrad days. In two different jurisdictions, in the middle of the night, we were doing the same things we were doing four years ago, bitching about people and doing dodgy things on the internet; we were checking out all the beckham girls, and ranking them according to their looks. Yes, we are shallow.

Went down further down the page, saw an explosion in the catering kitchen for SIA. Two men dead. My first reaction was, predictably, coool! I mean, we have wars in Iraqi, people dying from suicide bombings, the American weapons, the palestinian conflict with israel and here we have, in Singapore, two people dying from an exploding kitchen equipment. Incidentally, this reminds me of the blackout recently and how fearful singaporeans were thinking that our power stations have been subject to an attack by terrorists. And of course, this then led me to my favourite memory of SL, after the 9 11 incident, she was so depressed about the attack, that she keep thinking that a plane was going to slam through the building she was working at at RP. I don't have much fond memories of her but this one never fails to make me laugh. Yes, I know, I am morbid and macabre.


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